Multiple butted handlebar

"The world's first "butted" handlebars were developed by KHEbikes in 2004. In this handlebar, material was reinforced at pressure points and material was reduced at other, less stressed points. In recent years, such butted handlebars have been increasingly used and are standard in the high-end sector." - Wikipedia KHEbikes

Shaun Butler

Signature Series - KHE Team USA

Together with Shaun Butler, the "Michael Jordan of BMX" and 3-time XGames pro rider, KHEbikes developed the first "multiple butted" handlebar. The butted handlebar are still used today on BMX bikes, in the professional scene and in the high-end sector they are standard and a must-have. One of the reasons for this is the enormous weight saving of 300-400g compared to conventional "single butted" handlebar. 

 In addition to the KHE "Butler Lite" Bar, KHE has also developed and designed the KHE "Butler Lite" Fork and the KHE "Goldie" Signature Bike Dirt Edition complete bike together with Shaun Butler. (Picture 2+3) Shaun Butler was a gifted BMX dirt rider, you can see him in action in picture 4.

Multiple butted
Weight saving
Pro BMX handlebar

The "multiple butted" technology

A "multiple butted" handlebar is a handlebar that has been optimized by using wall thicknesses of different thicknesses at different points. This construction technique makes it possible to reduce the weight of the handlebars without sacrificing strength. Different sections of the handlebars are provided with different wall thicknesses in order to efficiently distribute the loads during the ride. 

 Typically, the ends of the handlebars where the grips are mounted are thicker and more robust to ensure the required strength. The middle part of the handlebar, on the other hand, can be made lighter to reduce the overall weight. This targeted variation in wall thickness makes it possible to produce handlebars that are both light and strong.

Advantages of "multiple butted" handlebar

The advantages of multiple butted handlebar are improved bike control and a lower overall weight of the bike. A lighter handlebar helps to reduce the overall weight of the bike, which is particularly important for racing bikes or mountain bikes, but of course also for BMX bikes, where every gram counts. At the same time, the targeted reinforcement at the critical points of the handlebar provides the necessary strength to withstand the stresses and strains of riding and tricks.

 In its 35-year company history, KHEbikes has already developed and launched several "multiple butted" handlebars, each of which differs in individual small details. The KHE SWISS MISS handlebar, for example, have an integrated stem to save even more weight.

Multiple butted handlebar KHE 2023

As described at the beginning, a multiple butted handlebar differs from a conventional handlebar in that the wall thicknesses vary along its length. In contrast to a handlebar with the same thickness throughout, the thickness of the material is varied at different points in a multiple butted handlebar. 

 It is important to note that not every rider has the same requirements for handlebars. Some may prefer a heavier handlebar with uniform wall thickness for added stiffness, while others may be looking for weight savings and flexibility. The choice between a multiple butted handlebar and a conventional handlebar therefore depends on individual preferences and the intended use. 

 At KHEbikes you will find "multiple butted" and standard handlebars in the handlebar category. All "multiple butted" handlebars are characterized by the suffix "MVP", which means that the handlebars have different wall thicknesses.

 Changing the handlebars is quite simple, as only the stem bolts need to be loosened and the handlebars inserted into the notch provided and tightened again crosswise. If you also want to change the stem, we show you the complete procedure in our Work Shop video on changing the stem.

KHE Arsenic Series

"KHEbikes is a company that specializes in the production of BMX bicycles and accessories." The "Arsenic" products are a special series that is characterized by its focus on advanced and professional BMX riders. 

 The "Arsenic" products from KHEbikes are often characterized by innovative technologies, high-quality materials and special features that meet the requirements of advanced BMX riders. This can be reflected in lightweight yet robust frames, special rims, improved brakes and other performance-oriented features.

 Most recently, the KHE "Arsenic" handlebar and the matching "Arsenic" fork were convincing, but were quickly sold out due to the high demand and will be available again in the near future. Click here for the current handlebars in the handlebar category.

More innovations

Over the last 35 years, KHEbikes has been able to establish a large number of patents and innovations on the BMX market. Here is a selection of other exciting innovations.